Ehryck F. Gilmore, CH

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        Ehryck F. Gilmore, CH a native of Zion, Illinois, always felt he had the gift of “insight” and the ability to “tune in” to people and help clarify situations. Through the encouragement of two close friends, Ehryck took his quest to heart and excelled to the next level. Coupling his universal calling with studies at Omega Center in Rhinebeck, New York, the NLP Institute of Chicago, DePaul University, Moody Bible Institute and the School of Spiritual Psychology of Milwaukee further served to hone his abilities.  Ehryck is now a Life Coach, Empowerment Coach, Intuitive Counselor, certified Hypnotherapist, author, and a noted celebrity image consultant. He is also a master practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

        In an effort to pursue his goals as well as exploring other dreams and ambitions, Ehryck used his business acumen and licensing and become the owner of Cire Le Salon, located on Chicago’s Gold Coast. During that time, he garnered clients from the entertainment, television and corporate world, and a host of others including those who are considered the who’s who in their respective fields: Oprah Winfrey, singers Whitney Houston, Angela Bofill, Stephanie Mills and Florence LaRue; network news anchors: Diann Burns and Cheryl Burton; and actress Irene Cara to name a few.

Today, Ehryck resides in Chicago, and has added author among his many credentials.  His latest books: The Law Of Attraction 101 and Why Am I Stuck? (The Science of Releasing Yourself from Being Held A Mental Hostage), is currently available online and in leading and specialty stores nationwide.  He is a contributing author to 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life Volume 2, a product of  Ehryck is also a presenter/speaker for the Mind, Body & Spirit organization and is part of their yearly nation wide tour